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At the cusp of the new year, NextGen Healthcare announced that Mirth® Connect had achieved the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC Health IT) 2015 Edition Cures Update certification. This means the integration engine meets the rigorous standards for the security of healthcare data required to receive certification by SLI Compliance®, an ONC Authorized Certification Body (ONC-ACB).


Improve patient data exchange in a complex healthcare ecosystem


Effective interoperability between clinicians is critical for positive patient outcomes. The complexity between different organizations requires a high degree of flexibility to meet specific healthcare needs. Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare was created to provide this level of flexibility to support effective data exchange.


ONC-ACB certification signifies that Mirth Connect complies with applicable certification requirements in support of the 21st Century Cures Act. With this certification, users have greater assurance of data integrity.


Simplify health data exchange


With Cures-certified Mirth Connect, clinicians can work with confidence in knowing the technology used in their data exchange meets government regulatory requirements. Health exchange is important because clinicians need relevant, timely, and accurate information that facilitates strong treatment plans, analysis, and continuity of care.


Why should patients and clinicians care about this?


Patients demand more valued information at the time of care. Easy access to this vital data helps care teams make informed decisions that support diagnoses and treatment plans. For example, preventive medicine requires steady streams of patient-driven data through remote patient monitoring (RPM) and other means. In order for this data to keep clinicians well-informed of patients’ health conditions, they need three things:


  1. Patient-centered data
  2. Efficient way to collect, consolidate, and leverage meaningful clinical insights
  3. Strong treatment plan


Mirth Connect background


A worldwide integration engine leader, Mirth Connect is used by domestic and international hospitals, health systems, clinics, provider groups, labs and testing facilities, public health agencies, government entities, health IT organizations, pharmacies, and more. These organizations rely on Mirth Connect to deliver compliant data with speed and accuracy. For more information about Mirth Connect, visit the website here.

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Travis West Production Manager Mirth Connect

Travis West

Product Manager, Mirth Connect