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Patients are in the cloud; perhaps your dental enterprise should be in the cloud also?

Consumers increasingly expect the convenience that cloud technology provides when it comes to shopping, entertainment, learning, and banking. Consumers expect the same convenience when it comes to their experience at their dental office. 

Dental organizations that are still dependent on technology that sits onsite (expensive, high-energy- consuming servers) will benefit by switching over to the cloud.  Essentially, the cloud enables enterprises to invest less in IT and more in dentistry and the patient experience. 

In the upcoming webinar, “Shield Your Dental Enterprise: Protect and Grow with the Cloud,” you’ll discover why a cloud-based dental solution makes sense for ensuring quality care and business success. 

Why Dental Enterprises Need to Switch to the Cloud 

Low Cost and Easy Maintenance

When comparing the cloud with on-premises technology for dental enterprise applications, the lower initial cash expenditure of the cloud is as clear as a patient who’s not flossing regularly. After the initial set-up, cloud-based dental software only requires maintenance of internet connections and web-enabled devices. Maintenance can often be done by office personnel or support from an internet service provider (ISP).  

Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery

Data breaches are a weekly occurrence, and ransomware is an ever-increasing possibility. Cloud-based dental software hosted by large data centers offer another layer of protection not available with on-premises technology. A cloud-based office can also recover data significantly faster in a post-disaster incident than an office using on-premises technology. 

Affordable Scalability

Cloud-structured offices are infinitely scalable (up or down). All that’s necessary to change usage is to connect or disconnect devices. The cloud is a cost-effective measure for organizations planning to grow or consolidate dental office units. 

Convenient Software Updates and Data Backups

Updates to cloud-based dental practice management and clinical applications are system-wide and are often included in monthly service arrangements. Dental staff members can breathe a sigh of relief with cloud-based dental software because the data is backed up automatically. 

Secure Communication

Cloud-based dental software supports secure communication to share images such as charts, patient information, and images when making referrals or engaging with other providers. To help prevent prescription fraud, eRx reports (e-prescription) provide a record of all prescriptions that have been written. Patient education is also available to improve communications through online registration and updates.  

Learn More From The Experts

To deepen your understanding of the benefits of a cloud-based dental organization, register now for this webinar lead by Dr. John Memmott, DDS, MS, consultant, and Kathleen Noll, managing director, QSIDental. 

Meet NextGen Ambient Assist, your new AI ally that generates a structured SOAP note in seconds from listening to the natural patient/provider conversation.

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Kathleen Noll

Vice President of Dental Operations

John Memmott

Dr. John Memmott

DDS, MS, Consultant