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Healthcare Claims Processing and Its Impact On Healthcare Costs

By Seth Flam

Blog    Healthcare Claims Processing and Its Impact On Healthcare Costs

Between healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers, the many moving parts of healthcare are meant to work together to ensure that patients are given priority. One of these moving parts deemed to play a major role in the success of healthcare, is healthcare claims processing.

Steps in the Claims Process

  • Processing Claims – The healthcare claims process starts when a patient visits a healthcare provider for a consultation, service, or treatment. Once the treatment is complete, a claim is filed.
  • Submission of Claims – There are two ways to submit a healthcare claim, the Manual Method and Electronic Method. Some healthcare providers are still using the slower manual or paper method of submitting claims, but more and more providers are converting to electronic filing since it allows physicians to not only save around $3 per claim, it also makes the process a lot easier to tackle.
  • Role of Clearinghouses – Once a claim is ready, it is sent to a clearinghouse, a third-party process that acts as middleman between healthcare providers and insurance companies. Claims from the healthcare provider can go to several insurance companies that have completely different processes. The clearinghouses ensure that claims are filed according to the process observed by each insurance company.

Web-Based Practical Management with Meditouch

Healthcare claims processing can be quite strenuous and can ultimately take a lot of time. The good news is that MediTouch by Healthfusion makes the claims process a lot faster and easier while ensuring that your practice increases its revenues. What usually is done by an army of people and still takes forever can now be done as soon as you complete the charting process.

MediTouch boasts a fully integrated system that promotes interoperability and improved performance. It's a billing and practice management software packed with other essential features developed with both physicians and patients in mind. It's guaranteed to get the job done without the usual hassles associated with filing claims.

Healthcare Services That are Truly for the Patients

Being able to file your healthcare claims with ease and get the payments you need to keep your practice running is important but we don't forget the importance of providing quality patient. Meditouch is exactly what you need to achieve the essentials without sacrificing the quality of care you provide to each patient.

Having everything you need right at your fingertips is an advantage. Imagine being able to process your healthcare claims anytime and anywhere you want. That means you can spend less time worrying about claims processing and more time to focus on your patients and their needs.

Seth Flam, DO

CEO and President, HealthFusion