Our approach to AI-supported healthcare IT solutions

With some technical sector and academic leaders in early 2023 calling for an ‘AI summer,' progress has continued to develop at breakneck speeds. At NextGen Healthcare we're embracing AI, but believe in taking a cautious and thoughtful approach to it.

A principled approach to stay ahead
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Maintain data safety
The safety of health and payment data remains at the forefront of our solution development. Bringing the power of tools that can learn from data provided to it while ensuring its safety is our top priority.
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Be deliberate in AI use
With such high potential, it is paramount that AI use be managed deliberately and with care, ensuring all uses follow best practices. This is crucial to our ethical approach to using this powerful technology.
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Benefit the healthcare frontline
With healthcare worker shortages affecting practices all over, our goal is to provide current and future workers with the innovative tools to make their jobs better, and provide better healthcare.
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Navigate inherent bias
AI algorithms are largely products of the datasets that inform them. These can develop natural biases without deliberate human curation. We ensure our uses of AI solutions work to benefit every community and group.
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Bolster all healthcare workers
Healthcare means nothing without the people that provide it. We aim to empower physicians to reduce routine clerical work to empower physicians and care team members to focus on higher-value priorities and provide better patient care.
Meet your new AI ally, NextGen Ambient Assist

NextGen Ambient Assist transforms patient-provider conversations on mobile devices into temporary transcripts, generating structured SOAP notes. Notes are generated with 90% accuracy, and can save providers up to 2 hours per day. These notes are automatically placed in NextGen Mobile for provider review and editing before being added to the patient's NextGen Enterprise EHR chart. Watch our explainer video and schedule a demo now to learn more.

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AI in Ambulatory Health
Where we are now and how we got here
Artificial intelligence and healthcare are far from strangers. The industry has used early forms of AI, such as speech-to-text and predictive analysis, for years. Generative AI (ChatGPT, Bard, etc.) breakthroughs and the growing need for automation are only some of the next steps in this relationship. NextGen Healthcare has always sought to utilize cutting-edge technology to bring the new tools providers need to enable better care, and this next wave of progress for health IT is no different.
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Automation in Healthcare IT

Where AI and healthcare meet

Voice as an Interface
Using language learning models, ambient listening takes the natural patient-provider conversation and translates it into a structured soap note in seconds. Eventually, this will evolve into a health IT interface entirely controlled by voice.
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Rules-Based Systems
These are more advanced systems based on if-then rules that further automate routine, monotonous tasks and lessen input required by staff. This can manifest in workflow and claims processing automation. NextGen® Charge Review Rules Engine is a developing example of this.
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Diagnosis & Documentation Analytics
This is where task automation and generative AI meet. Think of diagnosis automation as crowd-sourcing existing diagnostic work to cover any blind spots an individual might miss . This technology isn’t replacing your expertise; just giving you access to the expertise of countless others.
Administration Automation
Plenty of routine tasks are primed for automation through AI. As the tech develops, tasks such as claims processing, appointment scheduling, and data entry can be better integrated into workflows.
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Our approach to AI-supported healthcare IT solutions
AI has a powerful and intrinsic value to increasing the ease, accessibility, and productivity of healthcare. NextGen Healthcare has used some form of artificial intelligence to enhance our software solutions for as long as it has been available. And, while a valuable tool to propel efficiency, it cannot replace the “care” in healthcare. Our goal is to utilize AI technology to improve the provider experience and, working in partnership with our valued clients, to enable better health outcomes for all.
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Hear what our clients have to say about the effects of our automation solutions
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
"I've been practicing now for over 25 years. And when I see a patient, I can't tell you how important it is for me to be able to see body language. When I'm using NextGen® Mobile, I'm able to concentrate on those nonverbal cues that otherwise I would completely miss if I were typing away madly into the computer."
Brian Heimer, MD
Medical Director of Virtual and Digital Health
American Health Network, Optum
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
“One of the biggest improvements we’ve seen over the past seven years is not only the automation of many processes but also having access to real-time data. This helps our staff make the most appropriate clinical decisions on behalf of the client."
Joey Zepeda
Director of Operations
Arizona Youth & Family Services
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
“Our providers no longer spend time after hours to finish charts. We’ve seen an increase in visits and quicker month-end closing. It’s not hyperbole to state that the NextGen Mobile implementation is the best EHR decision we have made."
Ryan Geiler
Advanced Clinical Applications and Analytics Coordinator
Community Medical Center
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