APIs for NextGen® Office 5.0+
Section 170.404 Regulatory Information

Terms of Service

  • API access to get the USCDI data in NextGen® Office is available for Patients (NextGen Office YourHealthFile® Patient API)  and Providers (NextGen Office FHIR API).
  • There is no requirement for contracting with NextGen Healthcare for the API read (GET) routes for USCDIv1 data.
  • There is no charge for usage of the read (GET) routes for USCDIv1 data.
  • If you are a NextGen Office® client or developer organization interested in integration with the NextGen Office API navigate to the Technical Documentation section below. 
  • If you are unsure of the instructions or do not have an interested client, please email nextgen-office-api@nextgen.com and we will assist.
  • Information describing the electronically available USCDI data in NextGen Office® is available in the “NGO USCDI Data Details” tab of the NextGen Office® USCDI Data Details Grid(.xlsx).

Terms of Use


  • There are no fees for accessing the USCDIv1 data via the NextGen Office APIs, nor are there fees for taking an app that uses NextGen Office APIs to production.
  • Available Value-Added Services: 
    • Developer Assistance (beyond normal support infrastructure); Rates vary according to time and depth of technical assistance required.


  • No restrictions apply.


  • NextGen Office YourHealthFile® Patient API (FHIR R3 or FHIR R4) or NextGen® Office FHIR API for providers (FHIR R3 or FHIR R4):

Technical Documentation:

Process Definition for NextGen Office YourHealthFile® Patient API App Developers to Move to Production: