Patient API

Healthcare Technology Platform

Your provider uses a NextGen Healthcare technology platform to manage your clinical information electronically. 

As a patient who is seen by a provider using NextGen® software, you have a right to access your information from your provider electronically, using what is commonly termed an API (Application Programming Interface). Software developers can use this software to write applications enabling patients to access information electronically using the APIs.

What is an API?

An API is an interface that enables applications to access your healthcare information on your behalf, with your permission. What can this interface do?

  • Health tracking or health monitoring web applications that can download information, like your latest test results and diagnoses
  • Permit compatible healthcare smart phone applications to access your health records from your provider
  • Sync with applications that may access your records from other providers you see, and combine the information in a holistic view so you can better manage your health

How can I obtain access to my clinical information through the NextGen Patient Access API?

You can access your clinical information by using a patient app that follows the API specifications of your health provider’s electronic health record system, NextGen® Enterprise EHR. As NextGen Healthcare discovers new applications that support our API, we will list them on this page as well.

  • Search for applications that support the NextGen Patient Access API. This site will provide links to relevant applications, as well as links to any instructions necessary. See the current list of NextGen Patient Access API supported applications below.
  • If your provider uses NextGen® Patient Portal, your user ID and password are also valid for any application that supports the NextGen Patient Access API.
  • If your provider does not use the NextGen® Patient Portal, your provider can register you for access to the NextGen Patient Access API.
  • The developer of your chosen patient app may require your health provider to register with them before initiating connectivity using their API.
  • Your chosen patient app developer may need connectivity information to complete your application setup. You can provide the below connectivity information to the developer.
    • Authorization endpoint: All versions
    • Token endpoint: All versions
    • API Base endpoint: DSTU2
    • API Base endpoint: R4


Patients must have a valid patient account to their providers' patient portal or instructions provided by your provider to obtain an account that supports the NextGen Patient Access API.

Getting Started

Once you download the application to your device, follow the setup instructions provided in the application to enter your account information. Depending on the app, additional information may be required, such as your provider's name and affiliated practice.

Apps Supporting the NextGen Patient Access API