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Talking Mental Health Awareness with Amy Purdy

October 10, 2022By Ozarks FOX AM

The patient privacy factor in clinical trials

September 07, 2022By MedCity News

Connected Care

August 12, 2022By Social Work Today

NextGen Adds Group Visit Telehealth Option

August 09, 2022By Becker's Hospital Review

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affects the Future of Behavioral Health Care

July 14, 2022By Javier Favela for Behavioral Health News

The Wonder Years of Healthcare

June 28, 2022By Dr. Martin Lustick/KevinMD

CFOs Honored at Business Journal Awards Ceremony

May 09, 2022By Orange County Business Journal

Five Ways that HIT Can Improve Health Equity

May 04, 2022By Dr. Robert Murry/Health IT Answers

Patient-friendly emr features take center stage

April 01, 2022By Ophthalmology Management

HIMSS 2022 Announcements and Solutions

March 09, 2022By Healthcare IT Today

Tips to Melt the Winter Blues

January 07, 2022By

Do You Have the Winter Blues

November 22, 2021By Iowa's News Now/CBS2

Melt Away the Holiday Blues

November 22, 2021By Gayle Guyardo News Channel 8

Terros program helps expectant moms break addiction

November 20, 2021By Gilbert Sun News

NextGen Healthcare taps former Teladoc exec as CEO

September 20, 2021By Beckers Health IT

Dr. Gail Saltz-Losing the Blues

May 02, 2021By KFRG-FM Radio Los Angeles/Riverside

Breaking Out of Your Pandemic Rut

April 29, 2021By Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio

#NextGenMind campaign helps connect people to resources in a time of need

April 15, 2021By WTNH (ABC) Hartford-New Haven, CT

Coping With the Pandemic of Mental Health Issues

April 15, 2021By WKBW (ABC) Buffalo, NY

Tips On Handling Stress and Anxiety

April 15, 2021By WMAR (ABC) Baltimore, MD

The Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs Of 2021

April 14, 2021By The Healthcare Technology Report

3 ways health plans can help providers

February 26, 2021By Kevin MD

How can I efficiently manage demand using EHR?

December 01, 2020By Ophthalmology Management

Make the most of your EMR

October 01, 2020By Ophthalmology Management magazine

Why your EHR should have telemedicine capabilities

August 19, 2020By Medical Economics

Addressing security challenges presented by HIEs

August 11, 2020By Healthcare IT News

The Top 25 Women Leaders In Healthcare Software of 2020

July 07, 2020By The Healthcare Technology Report

Virtual House Calls: The Rise of Telemedicine

June 10, 2020By Ecommerce Times

The Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs Of 2020

May 19, 2020By The Healthcare Technology Report

NextGen Healthcare Launches COVID-19 Blog Resource

March 27, 2020By NextGen Healthcare

New 2020 HIT regulations: is the patient's story heard?

February 12, 2020By Physicians Practice

Analytics Help to Improve Missouri's Medicaid Population Care

December 30, 2019By HealthData Management

Nextgen Announces Agreement to Acquire Medfusion

November 14, 2019By EHR Intelligence

NextGen Buying Patient Platform Medfusion

November 14, 2019By Orange County Business Journal

NextGen Announces Agreement for Medfusion Acquisition

November 13, 2019By HealthData Management

Top 25 Women Leaders In Healthcare Software of 2019

July 01, 2019By Healthcare Technology Report

ENDOGEAR: Electric Office Managers

April 22, 2019By Endocrine News

Data vs Information At the Point of Care

March 01, 2019By Healthcare IT Today

Healthcare’s Thought Leaders Offer their HIMSS19 Takeaways

February 27, 2019By Electronic Health Reporter

The Year of the Patient in HIT

February 27, 2019By For the Record

Innovation to Address Physician Burnout

February 21, 2019By Signify Research

NextGen Healthcare pens long-term agreement with Allscripts subsidiary

February 13, 2019By Becker's Health IT & CIO Report

HIMSS19 Day 2 Announcements and Summary

February 12, 2019By HIT Consultant

Arizona HIE picks new cloud-based offering from NextGen

January 02, 2019By Health Data Management

NextGen Healthcare Launches Cloud-based Data Aggregation Platform, Health Data Hub

December 19, 2018By DotMed Healthcare Business Daily News

Readers Respond to the 5.20.18 Issue

May 31, 2018By The New York Times

Readers Respond to the 5.20.18 Issue

May 31, 2018By The New York Times

NextGen Healthcare selects new CMO: 3 takeaways

April 24, 2018By Becker's CIO & Health IT Report

NextGen Healthcare selects new CMO: 3 takeaways

April 24, 2018By Becker's CIO & Health IT Report

HIMSS18 | Dr. Betty Rabinowitz | NextGen Healthcare

March 06, 2018By #HCBiz Show Podcast

Getting away from the business of medicine and back to healing

February 26, 2018By Becker’s Hospital Review

A Data-Driven Approach To Better Care Visits

October 18, 2016By Health IT Outcomes

Readying the Revenue Cycle for MACRA

October 11, 2016By HISTALK

New Health Information Exchange Service Goes Live

August 17, 2016By Health Data Management

2015 National Progress Report

August 15, 2016By Surescripts 2015 National Progress Report

Healthcare Dive Presents the HIMSSzies

March 06, 2016By Healthcare Dive

4 Key Patient Payment Metrics Doctors Must Monitor

February 25, 2016By Medical Economics

Cost Accounting: The Key To Value-Based Reimbursement

February 24, 2016By Medical Economics

The Challenges of Population Health Management

February 22, 2016By For the Record

The 2016 Medicare PFS Rule: Another Step towards Value

February 15, 2016By Accountable Care News

Will the Pace of HIT Innovation Slow Down?

January 28, 2016By Health Data Management

What’s the Real Value of EHRs

January 26, 2016By Health Data Management

Value-Based Care Drives Predictive Analytics

January 12, 2016By Health Data Management

6 Great Quotes from Revenue Cycle Leaders in 2015

December 23, 2015By Becker’s Hospital Review

Exploding 6 Myths of Health IT Interoperability

November 03, 2015By HealthIT Interoperability

HIT Vendors Seek Clarification of Info Blocking

October 15, 2015By Health Data Management

Overcoming Healthcare's Resistance To Change

October 07, 2015By Health IT Outcomes

Finding a Solution to the EHR Replacement Conundrum

September 29, 2015By EHRIntelligence

5 Tips for Switching to a New EHR

September 28, 2015By Medical Practice Insider

Plotting the ACO Roadmap

September 15, 2015By Healthcare IT News

Five Steps for Elevating Medical Practice Operations

September 04, 2015By Physicians Practice

ICD-10 and your EMR: Ready or not

September 01, 2015By Ophthalmology Management

Leverage behavioral health data to provide well-rounded care

August 25, 2015By Managed Healthcare Executive

Industry eyes calendar as ICD-10 countdown begins

August 24, 2015By Healthcare IT News

Case Study: One health system's population health journey

August 17, 2015By Managed Healthcare Executive

The SGR Repeal

August 17, 2015By Executive Insight

Reducing Practice Variation at Crystal Run

July 23, 2015By Health Affairs

Limited Health Information Exchange to Hinder Care Quality

July 09, 2015By HealthITInteroperability

EHRs Going Against the Flow

July 07, 2015By Health Data Management

Dispelling common HIE myths

July 01, 2015By Healthcare IT News

Optimizing the Revenue Cycle

June 30, 2015By Health Management Technology

Expert Q&A: The Era of Accountable Care

June 24, 2015By Health Management Technology

Is the Price Right?

June 24, 2015By For the Record

Decision Support at Work

June 24, 2015By Health Management Technology

Summit ElderCare: setting the PACE for collaboration

June 22, 2015By McKnight’s Long-Term Care News

Keeping the revenue cycle in good health

June 16, 2015By Becker’s Hospital Review

Lovelace launches new patient portal

June 05, 2015By Albuquerque Business First

Interoperability—What’s Next?

May 08, 2015By Healthcare Innovation News

Keeping the Revenue Cycle Nimble

May 07, 2015By Healthcare IT News

Not If or When, but How Fast?

May 01, 2015By Group Practice Journal

2014 National Progress Report

May 01, 2015By Surescripts

From HIMSS 4/15/15

April 15, 2015By HIStalk

How Analytics Takes the Unknowns out of ACOs

April 01, 2015By Health Data Management

How Meaningful Is Meaningful Use?

March 23, 2015By Health IT Outcomes

Optimizing the revenue cycle to support growth

March 03, 2015By Healthcare Finance News

Using Patient Portals to Enhance Safety

February 23, 2015By Executive Insight

The State of Medical Practice Revenue Cycle Management

February 19, 2015By Health Data Management

Costly Aspects of an Overstretched Revenue Cycle Management

February 18, 2015By RevCycleIntelligence

Tackling interoperability in EHR workflows

February 10, 2015By Healthcare IT News

Rethinking ACOs

February 05, 2015By Government Health IT

Making the EHR Switch

February 01, 2015By Health Data Management

Reform Challenges Providers': Bottom Line

February 01, 2015By Health Data Management

A Journey through EHNAC Accreditation

January 22, 2015By Health Data Management

Blurring the Lines Between Payers and Providers

January 19, 2015By Executive Insight

Solving data analytics delivery problems

January 14, 2015By Health Management Technology

Strategies for elevating internal revenue cycle operations

January 12, 2015By Healthcare Finance News

How Shifts in Washington Will Affect Physicians in 2015

December 26, 2014By Medical Practice Insider

Does Your EHR Meet Your Organization’s Unique Needs?

December 23, 2014By Healthcare IT News

Proactive practices for improved payer payments

November 20, 2014By Healthcare Finance News

New Health IT Products and Tools

November 19, 2014By HITECH Answers

Is your EHR damaging the patient provider relationship?

November 14, 2014By Healthcare IT News

Efficiently Onboarding Physicians: 6 Strategies

November 07, 2014By Physicians Practice

News 11/5/14

November 05, 2014By HIStalk

EHR Vendors See Heightened Role in Ebola Fight

October 21, 2014By Health Data Management

Improved Revenue Outcomes Start with the Patient

October 14, 2014By Healthcare Finance News

Now Comes Moneyball for Health IT

September 30, 2014By Healthcare IT News

Maximizing the evolving EHR

September 26, 2014By Health Management Technology

AMA Calls for More User-Friendly EHRs

September 22, 2014By Medscape

The best practice management interfaces

September 18, 2014By Becker’s Hospital Review

Patient safety in the balance

September 02, 2014By Healthcare IT News

Despite the delay, practices still must Focus on ICD-10 training

September 01, 2014By Ophthalmic Professional

ACO Momentum in the Hudson Valley

August 29, 2014By Healthcare Informatics

“Proving” Value

August 18, 2014By hfm

How to Maximize Your Revenue Cycle

August 04, 2014By Executive Insight

7 add-on apps to enrich your EHR

August 01, 2014By Medical Practice Insider

Defining Accountable Care In The Age of ACOs

July 01, 2014By Health Data Management

Does your EHR need a tweak or a trashing?

July 01, 2014By Ophthalmology Management

The meaningful use 2 challenge

June 24, 2014By Medical Economics

Taking the sting out of an EHR upgrade

June 16, 2014By Medical Practice Insider

Electronic Health Record Association Elections Move Experienced Leadership into Top Roles

June 12, 2014By HIMSS: Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA)

Hospitals See Interoperability As Top Priority

June 02, 2014By Health IT Outcomes

Meaningful Use Has Larger Issues than Certification

May 13, 2014By Health Data Management

Dealing with a Potential Influx of New Patients

May 12, 2014By Physicians Practice

4 ways to make BYOD work in hospitals

May 06, 2014By Healthcare IT News

Behavioral Health HIE Comes to Arizona

April 28, 2014By Health Data Management

Behavioral Health HIE Launched in Arizona

April 28, 2014By Healthcare Informatics

ICD-10 delay dismays prepared vendors

April 03, 2014By Healthcare IT News

ASCRS/ASOA Preview; Boston: April 24-29

April 01, 2014By Ophthalmology Management

A Big Data ACO Effort

March 03, 2014By Health Data Management

Taking an incremental approach to ICD-10

March 01, 2014By Ophthalmic Professional

Meaningful Uselessness?

March 01, 2014By Health Data Management

Connecting Population Health to Patient Safety

February 17, 2014By Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

5 tactics to enrich patient engagement

February 05, 2014By Medical Practice Insider

Making the Move to an ACO

February 03, 2014By hfm

The CEO View of HIT

February 01, 2014By Health Data Management

Ready…Set…MU2: 5 Steps to Patient Portal Success

January 22, 2014By Group Practice Journal

Taking a Patient-Centered Approach to Population Health Management

January 17, 2014By Becker’s Hospital Review

Getting Out in Front of Regulatory Challenges

December 30, 2013By Executive Insight

Moving onto the next phase in EHR connectivity

December 16, 2013By Ophthalmology Management

The EHR Jungle: Survival of the Fittest

December 01, 2013By Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today

AAO New Product Showcase

October 01, 2013By Ophthalmology Management

Ensuring a Successful ICD-10 Conversion

October 01, 2013By Health Management Technology

Interoperability and EHRs: What Physicians Need to Know

September 11, 2013By Physicians Practice

Navigating Meaningful use

September 09, 2013By Executive Insight

How telemedicine is changing retinal care

August 01, 2013By Ophthalmology Management

Tracking Population Health

August 01, 2013By Health Data Management

Laying the foundation for accountable care

July 15, 2013By Healthcare IT News

IT keeps Hill Physicians in the money

June 19, 2013By Healthcare IT News

A Custom Job?

June 12, 2013By Health Data Management

ACOs are Coming: Will HIEs Be There

June 01, 2013By Health Data Management

Taking The Ego Out Of EMR Implementation

May 23, 2013By Healthcare Technology Online

Using Technology to Engage Patients

May 21, 2013By Healthcare IT News

2013 HCI 100

May 20, 2013By Healthcare Informatics

Flying solo isn't easy

May 20, 2013By Health Management Technology

Squeezing out the Revenue

May 01, 2013By Health Data Management

Ready or Not, Here Come HIPAA Audits

May 01, 2013By Health Data Management

Preparing for ACO Pressures

May 01, 2013By Ophthalmic Professional

The Case for Outsourcing RCM at Your Medical Practice

April 23, 2013By Physicians Practice

Staring Down Meaningful Use Stage 2 in 2013

April 02, 2013By Healthcare IT News

Partners in Accountability

April 01, 2013By Health Data Management

Stage 2 MU Sticking Points

March 25, 2013By Healthcare Teachnology Online

EHR in the Cloud: Is It Right for Your Practice?

March 01, 2013By Ophthalmology Management

Case Study: Using a Digital Pen in a Medical Practice

January 23, 2013By Medical Office Today

Ten Tech Predictions for Medical Practices in 2013

January 11, 2013By Physicians Practice

Preparing your revenue cycle for accountable care

December 26, 2012By Healthcare Finance News

Bridging the EHR Divide

December 18, 2012By Healthcare Informatics

Setting the Stage for MU’s Next Act

December 17, 2012By For The Record

From the Soak Zone: NextGen UGM

November 15, 2012By HIStalk

Tech Talk: Making Electronic Health Records Easier

October 23, 2012By The Rheumatologist

Desert Ridge doctors ahead of electronic records curve

October 12, 2012By Phoenix Business Journal

Better Care after Hospital Discharge

October 11, 2012By Hospital and Health Networks

Going With a New Flow

October 08, 2012By Health Data Management

Self-Service: The Newest Practice Time-Saver

September 07, 2012By Medscape Today

EHR Incentive Program: A Progress Report

August 27, 2012By Physicians Practice

IPA docs get $1M in MU incentives

August 20, 2012By Healthcare IT News

System for an integrated health record a reality

August 15, 2012By

Manhattan Physician Group leans on EHR

August 06, 2012By EHR Intelligence

Five Steps to Controlling Your Revenue Cycle Success

June 11, 2012By Advance News Magazine

How Your Medical Practice Can Avoid ICD-10 Pitfalls

June 01, 2012By Physician's Practice

Digital Pen and Paper: Meeting the Communication Challenge in Healthcare

May 31, 2012By Wirless Design & Development Magazine

Patients First puts EHR to work on diabetes care

April 11, 2012By Healthcare IT News

Making the Most of 'Meaningful Use' for Your Practice

March 08, 2012By Physician's Practice

'How I Met Meaningful Use'

March 01, 2012By Physician's Practice

An EHR that delivers results

February 01, 2012By Health Management Technology

EMR: Glaucoma Goes Digital

February 01, 2012By Ophthalmology Management

NextGen Healthcare Selected as VHIT EHR Affiliate Vendor

January 31, 2012By Virginia HIT Regional Extension Centrer

The Raleigh Eye Center Selects TSI Healthcare and NextGen(TM)

January 19, 2012By Market Watch Wall Street Journal

Meaningful Use Update: Good Things, Small Packages

January 04, 2012By Healthcare Informatics

Dealing with Meaningful Use Attestation Aggravation

December 24, 2011By Physician's Practice

The New Accountability Agenda in Healthcare

December 20, 2011By Healthcare Informatics

Building Buzz for HIT

December 05, 2011By For the Record

Nebraska Creates HIE for Behavioral Providers

December 01, 2011By Healthcare Informatics

Leveraging Data & Impacting Cash Flow

November 30, 2011By Executive Insight

Texas Health Care meets key federal benchmarks on EHRs

November 22, 2011By Government Health IT

How IT Helped SETMA Become a Patient-Centered Medical Home

November 16, 2011By Healthcare Benefits Network

The little center that could

November 03, 2011By Healthcare IT News

Digital pens serve as some physicians' bridge to EMR

October 31, 2011By American Medical News

Q&A: HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 from a vendor's perspective

October 30, 2011By Government Health IT

Coming Prepared

October 17, 2011By Healthcare Informatics

HIPAA 5010: Compliance doesn't have to hurt

October 12, 2011By ICD-10 Watch

Bridging the Gap: Rural Hospitals & EHR

October 04, 2011By Executive Insight

NJ Health System Puts Docs on Path to Meaningful Use

October 01, 2011By Healthcare IT News

EMR Buy-in and the Generation Gap

September 08, 2011By Ophthalmology Management

Group Practice Innovators: Investing in Success

September 06, 2011By Health Leaders

Mobile Health: Tech On-the-Go

September 02, 2011By Executive Insight

Making the Most of Meaningful Use

September 01, 2011By Health Data Management

Dell to tap NextGen for electronic medical records platform

August 08, 2011By Philadelphia Business Journal

Channel Surfing

August 01, 2011By Healthcare Informatics

EHR Systems for Eyecare

July 31, 2011By Refractive Eyecare

Homegrown Health Information Exchange

June 23, 2011By Healthcare Informatics

Attestation Takes Time

June 02, 2011By Healthcare Informatics

Achieving “Meaningful Use” Without Tears

June 01, 2011By Ophthalmology Management

Physicians Get Meaningful Use Payment Checks

May 31, 2011By Information Week

Springfield clinic leads in electronic record switch

May 28, 2011By Springfield News-Sun

Paving the way for accountable care

April 29, 2011By

Prevention and Care Management

April 22, 2011By AHRQ Impact and Knowledge Transfer Case Studies

Implementing HIT in Critical Access Hospitals

April 18, 2011By Healthcare Informatics

Making EHRs Work for HIEs

April 01, 2011By Health Data Management

Meaningful Use Stage 2: Targeting Specialties

April 01, 2011By Cardiovascular Business

Quality reporting an essential piece of IT equation

March 22, 2011By Healthcare IT News

Project Brings Safe Health Care Records Via Internet

March 22, 2011By Investor's Business Daily

Getting Docs to Use PCs

March 14, 2011By Wall Street Journal

HIMSS: Meaningful Use is the Name of the Game

March 08, 2011By Executive Insight

How to Extract Value from an Ambulatory EHR

March 04, 2011By Health Data Management

Cloudy Forecast for Healthcare

March 01, 2011By For The Record

Leveraging EHR Technology to Enhance Practice Revenue

February 28, 2011By Group Practice Journal

Need help selecting an EHR?

February 24, 2011By Colorado Medicine

Early Adopters Perspective

January 31, 2011By Healthcare Informatics

So Many Choices: EHR Buyer's Guide

January 31, 2011By Information Week

6 Predictions on Stage 2 Meaningful Use

January 19, 2011By Becker’s Hospital Review

Podcast: PCMH and How to Advance Patient Care Through Technology

December 14, 2010By Journal of Medical Practice Management

The Patient-Centered Medical Home: How to Advance Patient Care through Technology

December 13, 2010By Journal of Medical Practice Management

Regional Extension Centers Start to Roll

December 02, 2010By Health Data Management

State network for behavioral health info captures attention

November 19, 2010By Lincoln Journal Star

Baptist Health Targets Ambulatory Apps

November 18, 2010By Health Data Management

EHR ~ Goin' Mobile

November 08, 2010By Healthcare, Technology and Government 2.0

Taking the Plunge

October 29, 2010By Health Data Management

Identifying Revenue Cycle Management Opportunities

October 29, 2010By Group Practice Journal

Measuring clinical quality in cardiovascular practices

October 26, 2010By Healthcare IT News

Chronic illness technology fuels provider utilization

October 01, 2010By Healthcare IT News

Split Screen: CIOs Help their Physicians with Meaningful Use

September 15, 2010By Healthcare Informatics

NextGen EHR Signs Mount Kisco Medical Group

September 09, 2010By InformationWeek

NextGen Healthcare clients secure pay-for-quality incentives

August 26, 2010By Health Management Technology

Health care 'gold rush'

August 22, 2010By The Intelligencer

Tech company joins AMA's physician portal

August 18, 2010By American Medical News

Tension Over Relaxation

August 15, 2010By Health Data Management

Employing Automation to Optimize Practice Cash Flow

August 15, 2010By The Academy of Healthcare Revenue

Doctors Get Dose of Technology From Insurers

August 08, 2010By Wall Street Journal

NextGen Inks EHR Deal With AMA

August 06, 2010By InformationWeek

And So It Is Written…

August 02, 2010By For the Record

Ophthalmology practices select NextGen Healthcare

July 28, 2010By Health Management Technology

Hearing on Meaningful Use of Health IT: Charles Jarvis Opening Statement

July 21, 2010By Video: U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Hearing

Testimony of Charles Jarvis, Vice Chair of the HIMSS EHR Association

July 20, 2010By U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Hearing

Patient Portals Pay Off

July 02, 2010By HealthLeaders

Marry content to portal to engage consumers

July 01, 2010By Healthcare IT News

Industry changes must support collaborative IT models

July 01, 2010By Managed Healthcare Executive

On the Boards

June 21, 2010By The Philadelphia Inquirer

Extension Center Picks Preferred EHRs

June 07, 2010By Health Data Management

Enhancing Patient Care through Data Analysis

June 01, 2010By Journal of AHIMA

Let’s Make a Deal

May 25, 2010By Health Data Management

How to Get a Job in Healthcare

May 24, 2010By Jobs

E-Health Laggards Need To Start Moving Now

May 18, 2010By InformationWeek

Aunt Martha’s Selects NextGen Platform

May 10, 2010By Healthcare Informatics

Vendors see openings in small markets

May 06, 2010By Healthcare IT News

Local Hospital System Expands Electronic Records

April 30, 2010By KYW Newsradio 1060

Mercy Health expands its health IT deal with NextGen

April 19, 2010By Philadelphia Business Journal

RAC program puts providers on alert

April 05, 2010By Healthcare Finance News

Podcast: One-on-one with Doylestown CIO Rick Lang

April 05, 2010By

Biting the EMR Bullet

April 01, 2010By Ophthalmology Management

Data Disconnect

March 29, 2010By For the Record

HIE Connection Promotes Quality Care, Community Focus

March 24, 2010By ADVANCE for Health Information Executives

Microsoft HUG Winners Announced

March 03, 2010By Healthcare Informatics

Will Patient Portals Open the Door to Better Care

March 01, 2010By Health Data Management

Interview with Scott Decker

March 01, 2010By

EMR: Finding a Vendor Who Tailors to Fit

March 01, 2010By Ophthalmology Management

This is gonna HURT

March 01, 2010By Health Data Management

QSI/NextGen Buy Hospital Vendors

February 11, 2010By Health Data Management

Beyond Meaningful Use

February 04, 2010By HealthLeaders

Doctors go digital

February 03, 2010By Staten Island Business Trends

How Technology Can Help

February 01, 2010By Doctor’s Digest

Health IT Knowledge Gap

February 01, 2010By HealthLeaders

Banking on EHR Stimulus Funds?

February 01, 2010By The Journal

Electronic health record tech providers expect sales surge

January 29, 2010By Philadelphia Business Journal

Financing Opens Up in Push to Install EHRs

January 28, 2010By Cardiovascular Business

NextGen Begins Certified HIT Consulting Program

January 26, 2010By ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals

‘Meaningful use’ definition removes a barrier to EHR adoption

January 14, 2010By Health Management Technology

NextGen helps hospital adopt IT for underinsured

January 14, 2010By Healthcare Finance News

HHS hints at possible 'meaningful use' changes

January 11, 2010By FierceITHealth

Helping Doctors Figure Out E-Health Stimulus Programs

January 11, 2010By InformationWeek Healthcare

Quality Systems and Healthcare IT Stocks

January 07, 2010By FOX Business Network

How to Get $20 Billion for Using Electronic Medical Records

December 30, 2009By Wall Street Journal Health Blog

HIStalk Practice Interviews Scott Decker

December 23, 2009By HIStalkPractice

Seamless CV Data Integration into the EMR

November 06, 2009By Cardiovascular Business

One on One with NextGen President Pat Cline, Part II

November 02, 2009By Healthcare Informatics

One on One with NextGen President Pat Cline, Part I

November 01, 2009By Healthcare Informatics

Doc EHRs ‘nascent’

October 23, 2009By Healthcare IT News

The Word of the Day at MGMA

October 12, 2009By Healthcare Informatics

Perusing the EMR Menu

October 01, 2009By Ophthalmology Management

Trial Runners

October 01, 2009By Health Data Management

Does Health Care Have an Electronic Future?

August 18, 2009By strategy+business

HIEs Seek a Cash Injection

August 03, 2009By For the Record

EMR update

August 01, 2009By Managed Healthcare Executive

‘Pipe Dream’ HIE Proves Challenging

July 01, 2009By Health Management Technology

Remotely Hosted EHRs: The Pros and Cons for Clinics

July 01, 2009By Health Data Management

Tips for Ensuring Successful EHR Adoption

July 01, 2009By ADVANCE for Health Information Executives

The Hybrid, the Stimulus & You

May 01, 2009By HealthLeaders

Smart EMR Selection

May 01, 2009By Physicians Practice


May 01, 2009By Vision Care Product News

5010: Transitioning to the New Standards

April 27, 2009By For the Record

Keeping HIEs Safe

April 01, 2009By Health Data Management

Technology at the Point of Care

April 01, 2009By CAPG Health

Digging into the Economic Stimulus Law

April 01, 2009By Health Data Management

Evidence-Based Medicine Examined

April 01, 2009By Physicians Practice

Users of online EHRs grow in number

April 01, 2009By Diversion

A Clean Sweep: Make Claims Editing Work for You

April 01, 2009By ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals

Progress made on the pay-for-performance front

March 26, 2009By Healthcare IT News

Why Your Practice Needs Coding and Billing Software

March 11, 2009By Vision Care Product News

Stimulus Money + EHR + Medical Home = Reform

March 10, 2009By HealthLeaders

Plugging in a Nation: Bringing Doctors Into the Digital Fold

March 01, 2009By Hospitals & Health Networks

Unraveling the Claims Snarl

March 01, 2009By Health Data Management

Obama and Congress Send Message: Adopt EHR

March 01, 2009By Ophthalmology Management

How Doctors Will Use Their Stimulus Money

February 26, 2009By Wall Street Journal

Claims management tracking gets more complicated, personal

February 06, 2009By Healthcare Finance News

Lessons from the HIE Front

February 01, 2009By Health Data Management

EHR Vendor: We Need to Step Up

February 01, 2009By Health Data Management

$20 Billion Worth of Optimism

January 20, 2009By HealthLeaders

Pilot Program Addresses EMR-PHR Interoperability

January 01, 2009By ADVANCE for Health Information Executives

Is Your Data Safe? Are You Sure?

November 14, 2008By HealthLeaders

Practice Management Software Moves Beyond Bean Counting

November 13, 2008By Cardiovascular Business

Dive In — Exploring EMR Options

November 11, 2008By For the Record

Mining EMR/PM Data Can Help the Bottom Line

November 01, 2008By Ophthalmology Management

NextGen Healthcare Finance News RCM vendor

October 27, 2008By Healthcare Finance News

P4P seen as pushing physicians to automation

October 01, 2008By Healthcare IT News

EMR Guidebook

October 01, 2008By ADVANCE for Health Information Executives

Command Performance

October 01, 2008By Health Data Management

Technology: The Road to EMR Interoperability

October 01, 2008By Physicians Practice

Master of Psychology

September 10, 2008By HealthLeaders

Winning the Support of Clinicians for I.T.

September 01, 2008By Health Data Management

Subsidies Are Off To A Slow Start

August 01, 2008By Health Data Management

In It to Win It

August 01, 2008By Healthcare Informatics

Physicians and the PHR

August 01, 2008By For the Record

ECG Image Management

June 30, 2008By Cardiovascular Business

Playing Catch-up

June 01, 2008By ADVANCE for Health Information Executives

Measuring Outcomes Isn't That Simple

May 06, 2008By Healthcare IT News

PHRs: Where Are We Headed?

May 01, 2008By Health Data Management

Patient Loads and P4P Spur EMR Adoption

May 01, 2008By Ophthalmology Management

Connecticut IPA provides EHR to all physicians

April 23, 2008By Healthcare IT News


April 01, 2008By HealthLeaders

Planning for Productivity

April 01, 2008By Health Management Technology

AR Technology is in high demand

March 07, 2008By Healthcare Finance News

The Next Step

March 01, 2008By ADVANCE for Health Information Executives

Electronic scrips a win-win

March 01, 2008By Bucks County Courier Times

Taking On a New Task

March 01, 2008By Health Data Management

Virginia group practice chooses EHR platform

February 07, 2008By Healthcare IT News

From the Ground Up

February 01, 2008By Health Management Technology

The Value of Speaking The Same Language

February 01, 2008By Health Data Management

Small Practice Rights Ship

February 01, 2008By Healthcare Informatics

Not Going Away

December 01, 2007By Healthcare Informatics

Michigan groups use data consortium to earn P4P

December 01, 2007By Modern Healthcare

Group Practices Taking the I.T. Plunge

October 01, 2007By Health Data Management

Using EHRs to Make a Difference

October 01, 2007By Health Data Management

Achieving PM Clarity

October 01, 2007By Health Management Technology

Workflow Redesign Always Starts with Vision

September 20, 2007By Healthcare Finance News

EMR Pushback

September 01, 2007By HealthLeaders

EHR Certification: Its true value

September 01, 2007By Medical Economics

Strategies Stick in Lengthy Deployment

September 01, 2007By Health Data Management

The right EHR hardware for your exam room

September 01, 2007By Medical Economics

My Two Cents

August 01, 2007By Health Data Management

EHRs Hinder Participation in Pay for Performance

July 01, 2007By Hospitals & Health Networks

The Long Run

July 01, 2007By Healthcare Informatics

Technology: Backing Up to Move Forward

June 01, 2007By Physicians Practice

Healthcare Informatics 100

June 01, 2007By Healthcare Informatics

Imaging Economics

June 01, 2007By Imaging Economics

With Practice, Practice Management Systems Expand

June 01, 2007By Imaging Economics

Paperless? Not Quite.

May 01, 2007By Physicians Practice

EHR Pioneers Try to Stay Out Front

May 01, 2007By Health Data Management

HITS @ TEPR: Marrying the CCR, PDF

May 01, 2007By Modern Healthcare

Positive Flow

May 01, 2007By Health Management Technology

Investing to Improve Workflow

April 30, 2007By Health Imaging & IT

The care and feeding of electronic health records

April 11, 2007By Healthcare IT News

What does it mean to be "interoperable"?

April 01, 2007By Medical Economics

The 10 Steps in Action

March 01, 2007By For the Record

Big vendors don't plan to cut prices

March 01, 2007By Medical Economics

Technology: Time, at Last, for an Upgrade?

February 01, 2007By Physicians Practice

RHIOs make a renewed push for profitability

January 25, 2007By Healthcare Finance News

Lightening the Load

December 01, 2006By HealthLeaders

Nothing Measured, Nothing Gained

December 01, 2006By HealthLeaders

State of the EMR

November 30, 2006By Health Imaging & IT

Behind Closed Doors – EMR Disaster Stories

October 01, 2006By Physicians Practice

It Takes a Community

October 01, 2006By Healthcare Informatics

Sprucing Up Practice Management

October 01, 2006By Health Data Management

Physician-funded RHIO Enhances Care

September 29, 2006By ADVANCE for Health Information Executives

Proficient practice workflow starts at registration

September 27, 2006By Healthcare IT News

What is EHR certification?

August 01, 2006By Medical Economics

Commission announces 18 EHR certified products

July 18, 2006By Healthcare IT News

Look ma—no desktop

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Tackling Health Literacy

July 01, 2006By Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

Revving up Radiation Oncology Workflow

July 01, 2006By Health Imaging & IT

The State of the EHR Initiative, Part Two

May 29, 2006By For the Record

Time to Move

May 01, 2006By Healthcare Informatics

Digital Conquistador

March 01, 2006By Healthcare Informatics

The Ties that Bind

March 01, 2006By Healthcare Informatics

Texas group does EHR right

February 13, 2006By Healthcare IT News

IT links mean better care for Denver’s poor

February 13, 2006By Healthcare IT News

Are RHIOs for Real?

February 01, 2006By Health Data Management

9 Tech Trends

February 01, 2006By Healthcare Informatics

Boulder Providers Launch a RHIO

January 01, 2006By Health Data Management

Vendor Consolidation: The Wait is Over

January 01, 2006By Health Data Management

Less is More

December 01, 2005By Physicians Practice

Not sold on EHRs? Think Katrina and Rita

December 01, 2005By Medical Economics

Market for Practicing Innovation

October 01, 2005By Health Data Management

ROI Analysis Critical for Clinics

October 01, 2005By Health Data Management

Sticker Shocked?

September 01, 2005By Physicians Practice

Does your thermometer talk to your EHR?

August 01, 2005By Medical Economics

Acquisitions and alliances

June 20, 2005By Healthcare IT News

Out of Room?

June 01, 2005By Physicians Practice

Real-time help with diagnoses

May 24, 2005By Healthcare IT News

EMR success inspires Ogden to do more IT

May 24, 2005By Healthcare IT News

An EHR role for IPA

May 01, 2005By Medical Economics

More answers to your EHR questions

March 01, 2005By Medical Economics

EHRs: A way around big start-up costs

March 01, 2005By Medical Economics

Siemens, NextGen Align

February 01, 2005By Health Data Management

Medicare Readies Attachments Test

February 01, 2005By Health Data Management

Exclusive survey: Doctors and EHRs

January 02, 2005By Medical Economics