Tribal Health

NextGen Healthcare is a trusted ally and a reliable solution made for tribes

Consider your challenges and costs using solutions that aren't made specifically for tribal needs

Work with a partner, not just a commercial-off-the-shelf vendor. An ally, helping your tribal community to be healthier at less cost for care and improving your patient experience—not just a software vendor. Engage patients and staff. Use and share aggregated tribal data. Automate and speed your revenue cycle.

We're the leader in Tribal Health IT, serving hundreds of tribal health centers with tailored solutions that help providers give collaborative, coordinated care and patient engagement to drive better reimbursement. We offer a holistic view of the patient – users can see and chart medical, dental, and behavioral health within one system.

And unlike other EHR providers, NextGen Healthcare specializes in Tribal Health. Our EHR solutions encompass adaptable sliding scale billing features, blood quantum levels record keeping, and practice management organization.

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Partner with an HIT provider who invests in you and its solutions, not in bandages for outdated software

Your tribal patient population is unlike any other, and the templates your providers and ancillary staff leverage should be tailored to your specific needs, not the other way around. Didn't think that was possible? Think again.

30+ tribes already do it with NextGen solutions. Join them.

Don't piece together a patchwork of solutions because you think you don't have another choice. Choose NextGen® Tribal Health solutions, with ten times more installed templates than other commercial-off-the-shelf vendors. Focus more on care, less on HIT.

MACRA/MIPS for Tribal Health

Do you qualify or are you excluded from this Health Reform change? Find out here:

Mixer with money inside







(-9% to +27%)

Quality 60%

ACI (MU) 25%

CPIA 15%

Cost 0%




Bundled payments or ACOs, PCMH

If you qualify, read our MACRA page to see how we’ll support you through this change.

Proven solutions for tribal health

Tribal health centers are often everything health-related to every patient, and the onus is on you to track and report all of this data accurately to a variety of sources like payers, regulatory databases, and disease registries. From medical care to dental to behavioral health, the challenge of treating a patient holistically and billing the encounter accurately can be daunting. We can make it easier for you and improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

Our integrated, interoperable solutions can help tribal health providers benefit from quicker reimbursement at a higher percentage. We work alongside you to support and empower you, not to replace staff, but to empower them and ease and speed their workflow. Our population health solutions, like NextGen Care™ and NextGen® Patient Portal, help improve tribal patient engagement and enable streamlined, successful population health management.

MYTH: EHR vendors treat tribal health centers as secondary solutions, so we have to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution.
FACT: 30+ tribes trust the tribal-specific EHR suite from NextGen Healthcare, which includes medical, dental, and behavioral health content in an all in one solution.

MYTH: There is no need to purchase an EHR solution there's “free” software available. Sometimes we're even required to use it.
FACT: Tribes that fall under Title 5 (section 638) of self-determining law may choose which HIT system they want to use. Additionally, the “free” software available is not actually free, as tribes pay a portion of tribal shares to utilize that system.

MYTH: Tribal patients don't care about – or can't participate in – digital engagement methods with providers.
FACT: 75% of tribal patients prefer digital engagement with their providers. Using NextGen® Patient Portal, communicate with patients anytime, anywhere. Help ensure patients keep appointments, while satisfying patient engagement requirements for MU.

MYTH: Indian Health Service reporting will always be a hassle. The reports are never correct on the first pull and need manual review and modifications.
FACT: Using NextGen Ambulatory EHR and NextGen EDR, healthcare providers get the consolidated patient records they need for efficient treatment, medications, and billing – along with IHS reporting, GPRA, the Diabetic Audit Report, and Purchased Referred Care.

Let us debunk more tribal health myths

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One system, one support advocate

When you need support for your EHR, you don't have time to wait. Some EHR systems' hold times stretch into hours-long waits, or training takes months to schedule.

We think the best way to partner with our tribes is to talk to them one-on-one. NextGen™ support specialists band together to take your health center through implementation to training to project management to ongoing client support. Plus you have access to a specialty director dedicated to tribal and community health, meaning that someone who truly understands your needs is there to support you, advise you, inspire change, and improve productivity.

Take a full-circle approach to patient care

NextGen Ambulatory EHR
Hit the ground running with our connected, interoperable health record. Bring your EHR online, minimize training time, and speed workflow with an EHR that’s as unique as a fingerprint.

NextGen Care (NextGen Population Health)
Take a holistic view of your entire patient population. Anchored by technology, aggregated data, and data analytics, our population health solutions help to identify high-risk and chronic patients, drive patient engagement, and expedite care management. All with the goal to improve the health of communities and drive down healthcare costs.

Community Health Center Modules
When you add community health modules to your NextGen Ambulatory EHR, you’re able to streamline processes, improve profitability, and enhance patient care for your Federally Qualified Health Center.

NextGen EDR
NextGen EDR is the answer to fully integrated dental care for your tribal patients. One database, one login, one transparent patient record across medical and dental patient visits.

Behavioral Health Solutions
Behavioral health (BH) providers take on an enormous challenge: help clients lead productive, rewarding lives while complying with new health reform regulations. Our behavioral health solution features intuitive content, a BH knowledgebase, and workflow tools that enables holistic physical and behavioral care record.

NextGen Dashboard
NextGen Dashboard 3.0 provides sophisticated business intelligence in a robust, easy-to-use, and fully integrated BI solution that can be used by almost everyone in the office. Download the NextGen Dashboard brochure for more.

NextPen Solutions
Easily, intuitively capture data into your NextGen Ambulatory EHR and NextGen Practice Management system with NextPen Solutions. NextPen Write digital pens create structured EHR data directly from pen and paper without scanning or transcription. Automatically populate your charts with patient intake data, notes, drawings, and more.

NextGen RCM Services
NextGen RCM Services provides consulting and outsourcing for physician billing, collections, and claims. We combine innovative technology and proprietary revenue cycle management solutions to help your practice get every dollar it deserves.

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