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Empower your CHC and FQHC with integrated, interoperable technology

NextGen Healthcare offers community health centers (CHCs) and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) a suite of solutions in one integrated, interoperable platform combining multi-specialty EHR templates with population health and analytics tools, as well as medical, dental, and behavioral health content.

Don’t piece together a patchwork of solutions because you think you don’t have another choice. One in three CHCs nationwide use NextGen solutions and more than 40% of NextGen primary care clients are accredited PCMHs. So we know your unique needs.

Choose NextGen CHC solutions.

NextGen Ambulatory EHR is pre-validated for NCQA PCMH

Our team of physicians and other experts understand NCQA, Joint Commission, and AAAHC requirements for medical homes. And unlike other EHR providers, we’ve made it our business to specialize and invest in CHC health IT solutions. We build in adaptable sliding scale billing features, practice management, and a robust UDS reporting tool that fully interfaces with the EHR.

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(-9% to +27%)

Quality 60%

ACI (MU) 25%

CPIA 15%

Cost 0%




Bundled payments or ACOs, PCMH

If you qualify, read our MACRA page to see how we’ll support you through this change.

Take a full-circle approach to patient care

  1. NextGen Ambulatory EHR

    Hit the ground running with our connected, interoperable health record. Bring your EHR online, minimize training time, and speed workflow with an EHR that’s as unique as a fingerprint.

  2. NextGen Care (NextGen Population Health)

    Take a holistic view of your entire patient population. Anchored by technology, aggregated data, and data analytics, our population health solutions help identify high-risk and chronic patients, drive patient engagement, and enhance care management. All to improve community health and drive down healthcare costs.

  3. NextGen Electronic Dental Record

    NextGen EDR is the answer to fully integrated dental care for your patients. One database, one login, one transparent patient record across medical and dental patient visits.

  4. NextGen Dashboard

    NextGen Dashboard 3.0 provides sophisticated business intelligence in a robust, easy-to-use, and fully integrated BI solution that can be used by almost everyone in the office. Download the NextGen Dashboard brochure for more.

  5. Behavioral health solutions

    Behavioral health (BH) providers take on an enormous challenge: help clients lead productive, rewarding lives while complying with new health reform regulations. Our behavioral health solution features intuitive content, a BH knowledgebase, and workflow tools that enable holistic physical and behavioral care record.

  6. NextGen RCM Services

    NextGen RCM Services provides consulting and outsourcing for physician billing, collections, and claims. We combine innovative technology and proprietary revenue cycle management solutions to help your practice get every dollar it deserves.

A medical, dental, and behavioral EHR with a single-sign-on.
Really. We mean it.

NextGen solutions for CHCs provide the community health center a truly integrated ambulatory suite with multi-specialty templates for medical, dental, and behavioral health within the EHR. In fact, 60% of practices who use NextGen EDR say it bridges the gap between the EHR and dental records.

The integration of our EHR, EDR, and behavioral health also acts as an extension of the patient encounter. We see the value in connecting your medical, dental and behavioral healthcare, empowering any provider who encounters your patient’s charts to prompt follow up care. Plus, our medical record software, dental software, and practice management software enables you to engage your patients outside of the exam room, with population health tools, including patient portal and appointment reminders.

A single source for patient information—from the appointment, to the patient record, to the HPI, diagnosis, and treatment plan—means a more streamlined and positive patient experience. And a pleasant experience with the doctor or provider means your patients are more likely to be compliant and take part in their own care.

Proven solutions for Community Health

Community health centers are often a one-stop-shop for patient health, and the burden is on the provider to track and report patient outcomes to payers, regulatory databases, and disease registries. We can make it easier for you and improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

  1. Myth: There’s no single EHR that suits CHC needs, such as reporting requirements, billing models, and the specialty content necessary for patient population – all with one software solution.

    Fact: NextGen Healthcare offers a suite of solutions in one, integrated platform that combines a CHC-specific EHR with population health and analytics tools, as well as medical, dental, and behavioral health content.

  2. Myth: Adopting a value-based approach within the CHC community is extremely complex and requires costly solutions from multiple providers/consultants.

    Fact: Our integrated EHR, risk stratification, population health, interoperability, analytics, and patient engagement tools make it easier to achieve value-based care, reduce costs, and improve reimbursements.

  3. Myth: UDS reporting will always be a hassle. It’s just one of those things you have to accept in this business. The reports will never be right at first glance – and will need manual review and modifications.

    Fact: The NextGen solution for UDS reporting includes a streamlined workflow and a simple tool for capturing patient demographics, staffing, and financial and clinical information.

Let us expose more CHC HIT myths.

Download the Community Health infographic for more detail.


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