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e-Prescribing makes practicing medicine easier, more efficient

Each year, prescription errors contribute to billions of deaths and illnesses—as well as billions of wasted dollars. Get an easy-to-use solution to illegible handwriting, incorrect dosing, and missed drug-drug or drug-allergy reactions with our ePrescribing and medication management solution.

  • Improve prescribing quality, reduce errors for better care
  • Cut costs, save hours each day for better business performance
  • Meet MU requirements more easily

It’s all possible with the electronic prescribing and medication management solution that’s part of NextGen Ambulatory EHR.

  • Electronically prescribe medications, including controlled substances
  • Receive refill requests from pharmacies
  • Use “merged prescribe” and “mail order pharmacy” functionality to further automate care
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Improve clinical quality and accuracy with electronic prescribing

Surescripts awarded NextGen ePrescribing the White Coat of Quality for helping to achieve high standards of ePrescribing clinical quality and accuracy.

  • Get allergy, drug-to-drug, and disease interaction alerts
  • Check formulary and eligibility—in real time
  • Query pharmacies for the last two years of a patient’s medication history

e-Prescribing Software: a must-have for regulatory compliance

  • Our certified system supports your MU Stage 1 and 2 objectives
  • Achieve MU incentive requirements by using our escript system to meet the National Council for Prescription Drug Program’s 10.6 standards for data transmission
  • NextGen e-Prescribing is intuitive and easy to use
  • E-prescribing is integrated into our EHR system and connected directly to pharmacies
  • Escripts are sent electronically directly to the patient’s pharmacy in minutes
  • E-prescribing helps prevent fraudulent prescriptions of controlled substances
  • Patients love the convenience and time savings of electronic prescriptions
  • Providers can submit 90-day prescriptions directly to mail order pharmacies
How We're Different
  • Our partnership with Surescripts® makes ePrescribing virtually effortless and secure
  • Tens of thousands, over 50%, of our providers are already successful using NextGen ePrescribing
  • NextGen solutions are interoperable across platforms and with other systems – both inside and outside of your organization

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