NextPen Solutions

NextPen Solutions allows you to

Create structured EHR data from pen and paper without scanning or transcription.

Easily, intuitively capture data into your NextGen Ambulatory EHR and NextGen Practice Management system with NextPen Solutions.

NextPen Write digital pens create structured EHR data directly from pen and paper without scanning or transcription.

Use NextPen Write to automatically populate your charts with patient intake data, notes, drawings and more.

When you're finished writing, simply place the pen in a USB docking station, review and approve the data, and the NextPen Solutions system automatically fills the structured data fields in the correct patient record. A perfect image of the form is also captured and can automatically be attached to the record, making it ideal for signatures and drawings.

Easy data capture – just write it down!

  1. Ease physician transition to EHR –

    it's simple to use and is as easy as filling out a form

  2. Reduce data entry time and costs –

    simply review and approve the data in the EHR or practice management system

  3. Increase patient volume –

    clients report saving up to 15 minutes per new patient using NextPen Solutions

See NextPen Write in action!

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Secure, intuitive

Saves time

Reduces costs

NextPen Write uses a tiny camera to recognize a unique, secure dot pattern on the background of every form printed by the system. The pattern contains a unique identifier that the pen decodes to match the form to the appropriate patient record in the EHR. This ensures that all patient data goes directly and automatically to the correct record.

Why choose NextGen Healthcare?

  • Our EHR is fully integrated with our Practice Management and population health solutions
  • We're MU2-ready with CCHIT® and ONC-ATCB 2014 Edition certified as a complete EHR
  • Meaningful use client results - more than $900 million, and growing, MU incentive attestations
  • Get solutions proven to improve care, streamline workflow, and strengthen the bottom line
  • Be interoperable with other systems for more collaborative, coordinated care
  • Enjoy built-in content for over 25 specialties; so your EHR works like you do
  • Twenty years' experience, proven implementation methodology success, full training and support services

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