Document Management

Fast, easy, cost-effective access to documents and images

NextGen Document Management enables you to manage and access all of your images and documents easily and quickly from an integrated, central data repository. This central data repository is an image-storage and retrieval solution that provides seamless integration with your NextGen® Ambulatory EHR and your NextGen® Practice Management systems.


Streamline clinical and administrative workflow by using the NextGen® Document Management system to scan, import, file, store, search, retrieve, view, or annotate all your images and documents—including scanning and viewing from remote locations.

The NextGen Document Management System

  • Streamlines workflow by enabling single sign-on and maintaining patient context
  • Reduces costs by eliminating space and labor created through paper workflow
  • Reduce costs and maintenance of interfaces with third-party imaging solutions
How We're Different

Feature-rich functionality

  • Scan and acquire all clinical and administrative documents individually or in batches
  • Capture and store two-sided documents
  • Extract scanned text using the system’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality
  • Batch process OCR using the NextGen® Background Business Processor
  • Read barcodes inserted on separator pages that instruct the system where to file documents and images
  • Rotate, resize or visually enhance images

Single sign-on

  • Easily switch from NextGen Ambulatory EHR to view patient images and documents, all with just a single sign-on.
  • Quickly move from one application to the other while maintaining patient context.
  • With the NextGen Document Management system, you can associate explanation of benefits (EOBs) documents with transactions in the NextGen Practice Management system, so users can view them on screen while posting payments.

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