Better care, healthier patients, improved payments

Accountable care and value-based delivery models are transforming healthcare.

But when pursuing accountable care success, there are often more questions than answers.

How do you get a comprehensive view of your patient population? How do you define success? Are you prepared to meet regulatory requirements? How do you measure, quantify, and report your results?

The answer is simpler than you think: Offer meaningful and targeted interventions – when preventing disease or treating it – at the point of care, in office or out.

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What is ACO in healthcare?

ACOs aren't scary. In fact, we can tell you what an ACO is in one sentence:

Accountable care organizations are groups of physicians and healthcare organizations that join voluntarily to deliver high-quality care to Medicare patients.

NextGen's ACO Solutions

What obstacles prevent you from achieving accountable care?

Ensure you have the infrastructure to succeed. It doesn't need to take years to build (or replace) your technology foundation to support accountability. It's more accessible than you think. NextGen Healthcare solutions powered by Mirth interoperability technology lay the foundation for a pathway to accountable care success.

In fact, our clients participate in about 34% of Accountable Care Organizations, helping providers nationwide to successfully navigate today's jarring healthcare terrain.

The impact of interoperability

Say goodbye to siloed, unconnected data. Today, Accountable Care Organization models require providers to exchange accurate, patient-specific data, connecting disparate systems so they can reap the benefits of better care, decreased costs, and reduced errors. The end result? Real-time data exchange between multiple providers dramatically improves care delivery and health outcomes. Data-driven patient population health management decisions, enabled by interoperability, help create desired operational, clinical, and financial outcomes.

With our vendor-agnostic Mirth solutions, NextGen Healthcare allows for "provider-to-provider" connectivity across multiple healthcare platforms. Enabling clients to more easily achieve ACO participation.

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    Coordinating and documenting care

    With NextGen Care, provide complete collaborative care from a single, interoperable platform

  • Interoperability Solutions Circle Blue Graphic

    Exchanging data with other clinicians, facilities, or payers

    Interoperability solutions powered by Mirth technology make it possible to share data securely without cumbersome interfaces

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    Reporting on outcomes and quality measures

    Choose NextGen HQM to report clinical outcomes, identify where you come up short, and capture every incentive dollar you've earned

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    Identifying key performance indicators and where processes can improve

    Add NextGen Dashboard for powerful business reporting and analysis in a user-friendly format

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    Building a referral network and transitioning care smoothly

    Use NextGen Share to find connected providers and organizations on the network and compose and exchange a referral with clinical documents

"NextGen has the secret sauce" for ACO according to one early adopter

Crystal Run Healthcare was chosen by NCQA as one of six ACO early adopter physician practices. Hear from Gregory Spencer, MD, CMO about their success.

NextGen Healthcare can erase your accountable care worries

We've worked with the nation's most prominent accountable care organizations. That experience gives us the depth of institutional and process knowledge that others may not have and that you need by your side when pursuing ACO status. Let us be your expert resource for overcoming a wide range of accountable care challenges:

Education Strategic Planning Blue Icon

Education and Strategic Planning

  • Health reform trends and their impact on your organization
  • Organizational preparedness and transformation
  • New models for care delivery
  • Healthcare policy and regulatory analysis
  • Healthcare community partnerships
Organizational Transformation Blue Icon

Organizational Transformation

  • Cultural planning for changes in staffing models, process improvements, and new payment models
  • Technology consulting
  • Clinical and business processes
Program Assistance Blue Icon

ACO Program Assistance

  • Funding discovery: matching funding opportunities to client needs
  • Funding-related advice, consulting, and relationship management
  • Investigating, planning, and writing funding requests
  • Executing funding programs at your location or locations

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