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Benefit from an award-winning EHR/PM platform packed with integrated solutions. Position your primary care practice to reduce documentation burdens, manage high patient volumes effectively, and improve financial management.

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Benefits for primary care practices
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Automate Eligibility Checks
Leverage our practice management solution to automate billing, statements, and claims—at all times, potentially reducing the check-in process by six minutes per patient.
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Touch, talk, or type in the EHR
Complete a SOAP note—on your tablet, and access patient records and charts from anywhere.
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Receive monthly bonuses
In other ACOs, practices may not find out if they achieved shared savings for almost two years. Vytalize pays monthly bonuses, aligning incentives with value-based care activities that drive better patient outcomes.
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Optimize interoperability
Quickly connect with colleagues, patients, hospitals, and systems, not from NextGen Healthcare.
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Make the PCMH transformation
Take advantage of rich functionality, robust reporting, and NCQA auto-credits.
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Seize financial opportunity
Vytalize Health is a Medicare accountable care organization (ACO) for primary care practices, but instead of charging you to join, they pay you—each month.


Advantages of an award-winning EHR/PM solution

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Before the visit
Schedule well-visit appointment reminders to be sent annually with friendly reminders to bring their insurance paperwork. Lower no-shows and save time for front office staff.
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A doctor looking over check-in information on a smartphone
Reduce clicks and time spent on check-in. View patient responses to clinical information and securely transfer completed forms and questionnaires to the patient record. Communicate better and improve patient satisfaction.
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A primary care doctor administering a patient visit
During the visit
Take advantage of mobile technology to document your patient's visit, and finish documentation by your next appointment.
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A nurse walking an administrator through the checkout process on a tablet
Quickly view your schedule and clinical data on your smartphone between visits.
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After the visit
Empower patients to invest in their health with the ability to easily access patient education, lab results, and payment options online.
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Projected 3-Year revenue by partnering with Vytalize ACO
NextGen Healthcare partners with Vytalize Health, a Medicare ACO specializing in value-based care programs that offers upfront monthly bonuses for closing gaps in care. By joining Vytalize ACO, your practice can increase revenue under the Medicare Shared Savings Program and improve patient outcomes without taking on downside risks.
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