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The efficiency edge you need is here. Embrace our new integrated digital solutions for patient self-scheduling and intake with Luma Health. Reduce phone volume, patient wait times, and staff fatigue with highly configurable, real-time solutions that increase patient satisfaction and practice success.

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The NextGen Healthcare and Luma Health alliance equips ambulatory organizations with artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced solutions for patient communications. Luma Health has a proven record of success in creating digital engagement solutions that address the complete patient journey and meaningfully improve the care experience for patients, providers, and staff.

Patient intake, man looking at phone to schedule appointment
  • Open slots to help patients get in for the care they need while filling your providers’ schedules. Patients can also modify their appointments online.
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    Patient intake, man looking at phone to schedule appointment
  • Patients can easily sign-up on a waitlist to get an appointment sooner. The Smart Waitlist for NextGen Self-Scheduling automatically notifies patients when there’s an appointment time available. (This is an add-on module.)
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  • Interactive notifications inform patients when they've been referred to your practice. Automatic notifications also allow patients to book an appointment and provide real-time confirmation. This add-on module is a significant time-saver for your staff that also keeps providers in the loop at every step.
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  • Send reminders in more than 20 languages enabled by Luma’s AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that can understand conversational responses. Patients can directly confirm and cancel appointments from reminders.
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  • Allow your patients to interactively chat with staff and provide documents. Your care team can also send broadcast messaging to patient populations.
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  • Save time collecting United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI), demographics intake, administrative forms, and PDF clinical forms. Unlimited messaging helps coordinate contactless patient intake.
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Benefits of our online self-scheduling and intake solutions
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Fill schedules and increase revenue
Open slots to help patients get in for the care they need while filling your providers’ schedules. Patients can also modify their appointments online.
Online patient access
Improve patient convenience
Give patients the power to more conveniently schedule with your practice using text and web-based scheduling.
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Lower phone volume
Let patients schedule their appointments 24/7 to reduce front-desk call volume and free up time to focus on more essential tasks.
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Create a convenient intake experience
Automate your pre-visit workflow and eliminate the hassle of collecting information from patients in the waiting room.
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Send reminders with a purpose
Before an appointment, patients receive reminders to confirm or cancel. After confirming, they receive forms tailored to their visit. If they cancel, it’s automatically removed from the schedule.
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Improve your pre-visit workflow
Patient responses are sent to NextGen Enterprise EHR & PM automatically. Health information is captured without burdening an already stretched staff.
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