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Enhance provider efficiency and go mobile

Practice medicine like never before with NextGen Mobile—easily document encounters, act on tasks, and manage your schedule from your mobile device. Enhance your documentation experience even further with AI assistance to create accurate, structured SOAP notes in seconds.

Meet your new AI ally, NextGen Ambient Assist

NextGen Ambient Assist transforms patient-provider conversations on mobile devices into temporary transcripts, generating structured SOAP notes. Notes are generated with 90% accuracy, and can save providers up to 2 hours per day. These notes are automatically placed in NextGen Mobile for provider review and editing before being added to the patient's NextGen Enterprise EHR chart. Watch our explainer video and schedule a demo now to learn more.

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Experience the benefits of NextGen Mobile
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Increase provider efficiency
Dictate directly to your phone. Advanced speech recognition technology enables you to document faster and more accurately so you can finish your workday sooner. Highly accurate documentation can be done anywhere, anytime.
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Obtain and share information faster
Capture clinical data with ease and share it easily, quickly, and securely. Take clinical images on your phone and send them securely to your EHR. View content synced from the EHR such as patient data and more on your phone.
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Experience easy AI documentation
Use NextGen® Ambient Assist on a mobile device to securely convert a patient-provider conversation into a structured SOAP note that automatically integrates into the patient’s chart.
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Better manage your day
Access your tasks, provider approval queue (PAQ), medication refills, clinical documentation from the patient chart, and previous dictations on your phone anywhere, anytime.
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Expand capabilities
Enter diagnosis codes and complete charge capture. Search and find a diagnosis or CPT-4 code by description or by code. Document your way with multiple additional options, such as AI assistance, speech-to-text, or remote scribe services.
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Respond to patients’ needs easier
Review, renew, and prescribe medications on the go with mobile e-prescribing. Reduce the need to go to the office or log into your computer when on call. Many patient issues can be addressed using NextGen Mobile.


Advantages of NextGen Mobile

Enhance productivity
Spend fewer hours each month documenting care when using NextGen Mobile compared to relying exclusively on the EHR. Reduce or eliminate charting during non-work hours.
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Easier preparation
As you get ready for your next appointment, use your cell phone to go into a patient’s chart and review diagnoses, allergies, and other clinical data before seeing the patient. No need to log into a computer.
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Increased documentation accuracy
Macros make charting easier and more precise. Tap on the tags you want to dictate on, and text appears in real time for you to edit on the mobile device and send back to the EHR almost immediately. Use mobile and the desktop in tandem.
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Greater flexibility
View your clinical schedule and review a patient’s chart on your cell phone. See patients via telehealth directly on your mobile device by leveraging NextGen Virtual Visits. Dictate notes for the patient visit—whether in-person or virtual—anywhere, anytime.
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Reduce provider burnout
Transcription and scribe services can take away much of the documentation burden for providers—eliminating a key factor contributing to provider burnout. Reduce the burden of computer work from the size of a boulder to the size of a pebble.
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Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
“The ease of being on-call is a huge benefit. When a call comes in, instead of having to stop what I’m doing, find a computer and wi-fi connection and log in, I just look up what I need on my cellphone.”
Sebastian B. Heersink, MD
Cataract and Laser Refractive Surgeon and Cornea Specialist
Eye Center South
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
“It’s not hyperbole to state that the NextGen Mobile implementation is the best EHR decision we have made in our clinic.”
Ryan Geiler
Advanced Clinical Applications and Analytics Coordinator
Community Medical Center
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
“Since I began using NextGen Mobile with remote scribe services, I stopped setting the computer in front of me while I’m interacting with patients. My coding has become much more accurate, and my charges are more readily justifiable.”
Darryn Band, MD
Physician and Partner
Capital Women’s Care
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