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Care is everything. Integrated EHR/PM software makes healthcare better for everyone.

Experience the benefits of NextGen Healthcare
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EHR for 26+ specialties
Access all the documentation and reporting tools you need. Utilize pre-built and configurable clinical content to achieve better outcomes
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A virtual front door
Make it easy for patients to communicate, schedule appointments, access their medical records, complete forms, and pay their bills.
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Community-wide care
Integrate powerful population health solutions with your EHR. Stratify risk, identify gaps in care, and support patient outreach.
Mobile documentation
Treat patients on the go with a mobile extension of your practice. All mobile documentation flows directly into the patient chart.
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Complete view of health
Securely exchange health information and improve care by connecting disparate data across a patient’s entire care continuum, easily.
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Secure hosting with AWS
Reduce maintenance burden, speed implementations, simplify upgrades, and cut technology costs with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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    Our integrated platform increases productivity, improves financial outcomes, eases information exchange, and enriches the patient experience.

    • Streamline and customize workflows
    • Improve care team collaboration
    • Document with Mobile and gain more face time with patients
    • Stay current with regulatory requirements
    • Improve patient engagement
    • Decrease staff time spent on tedious tasks
    • Deliver care conveniently with telehealth
    • Enable direct connections with patients
    • Target higher-risk patients to close gaps in care
    • Identify patients with potential to impact outcomes
    • Coordinate care with seamless communication Identify fee-for-service revenue opportunities
    • Exchange meaningful information securely
    • Connect disparate systems to any device
    • Access data from other providers, organizations and EHRs
    • Support the latest interoperability and align with Meaningful Use
    • Provide better check-in and billing
    • Automate charge creation
    • Ensure clean claims and reduce denials
    • Monitor performance and gain insights

Way more than just a technology vendor, collaborating with NextGen Healthcare modernizes our practice, allowing us to focus on serving our patients and providing accessible, innovative and superior quality healthcare.

Masoud Khorsand-Sahbaie, MD, FACP
President and Owner Kymera Independent Physicians