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Increase your business intelligence with financial and operational analytics

In the business of healthcare, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Your ability to track performance effectively will determine how well your practice thrives in an unpredictable economy. Gain the strong foundation in data needed to achieve goals.

What NextGen Financial and Operational Analytics offers

Gain transparency into your practice data with an easy-to-grasp visualizations. Easily measure performance and derive actionable insights from data. See immediately if you’ve met benchmarks.
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Dig deeper, look at underlying data, and explore the root causes of underlying trends—with dashboards, visualizations, and filters. Drill down to the transaction level.
Financial analytics
View key metrics related to claims and billing, payments, days in accounts receivable (A/R), denials, payer performance, and tasking. Help prevent future denials.
Operational analytics
Gain insight into your practice’s operations, including utilization of appointment times, last minute cancellations and no shows, copay collection, and effectiveness of practice marketing activities.
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7 Springs Orthopedics finds a partner for growth
This orthopedics and rehab therapy practice wanted to grow, but they needed more reliable data. Potential investors wanted information on output, such as visit number, number of patients, and trends in business operations. That’s when they turned to NextGen Healthcare.
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Empower decision making and boost performance
Understanding your business performance requires a solid foundation in data. Lack of transparency into your practice data can be costly. Discover practice analytics that go beyond traditional dashboard and reporting tools. Monitor more than 100 critical key performance indicators.
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We saw huge improvements in our metrics with NextGen Healthcare RCM. Our days in A/R are much less. We have much fewer drug write-offs. We’ve had jumps in revenue. We saw increases of cash per encounter of 15 to 20%. It’s been phenomenal.
Shawn Harkey
Chief Operating Officer Retina Consultants of Houston
Leverage RCM to Stabilize Finances
Karing Hearts Cardiology highlights the transformation they experienced with NextGen Healthcare. Better insight into cash flow and stability in charge submission helped improve their financial outlook.
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The results speak for themselves

NextGen Healthcare takes pride in how our solutions help practices like yours deliver better healthcare outcomes. We are almost as proud of the recognition we’ve received for our contribution.
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