e-Transaction Services

Share data, speed claims, and thrive with powerful electronic tools

You have a lot to focus on in your practice but managing your claims cycle doesn’t need to be one of them.

We can help remove that burden from you. Get the essential services you need to share data, conduct transactions quickly and securely, and automate time-consuming tasks. Gain control of your resources and focus your time on patient care needs. Take advantage of our simple, seamless, automated, and integrated workflow between the clearinghouse and practice management. It’s all available through our e-Transaction Services.

Secure electronic data transfer and claim management

Automate tasks to save time so you can devote more resources to growing the business, not busy work

Enjoy easy-to-use claims tools

Have accurate patient and practice information throughout the entire enterprise

Help ensure HIPAA compliance

EDI Workflow

  • Patient Call / Appt. Notification
    Messaging Solutions

    Eligibility Verification
    RTS Eligibility & ClearIQ

    Healthcare Services Provided and Documented
    Integrated Payment Processing

    Coding, Claim Creation, and Submission
    RTE & E-Claim

  • Payer Processing and Adjudication
    RTS Claim Status ESP & ERA, inMediata360

    Post-Adjudication Analytics & Trending
    Insight Reporting & NHXS

    Appeal Process
    RTS Claim Status

    Final Reconciling
    Print Services, E-Statement, & EDI Payment Portal

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