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Three takeaways from HIMSS18

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Blog    Three takeaways from HIMSS18

Reflecting on HIMSS18, we are amazed at the ways information technology helps us collaborate through connected health, interoperability, shared health records and data analytics. At the conference we met clients and industry leaders who are championing these collaborative initiatives. More than just buzzwords and industry jargon, these themes and concepts hold real promise for creating a truly collaborative health framework that champions peoples' needs and wellbeing over a continuum of care. NextGen Healthcare’s President and CEO, Rusty Frantz, discussed these themes in detail with Forbes digital health reporter, John Nosta.

Forbes digital health reporter, John Nosta, interviews NextGen Healthcare’s President and CEO, Rusty Frantz at HIMSS18

Reflecting on panel sessions and discussions held at the event, we’d like to share three HIMSS takeaways:

Number 1

"Little Data" holds promise for solving practice workflow problems.

Small amounts of data can more easily be rationalized and presented in a meaningful way to healthcare practitioners. It’s about offering real-world insights that lead to improved decision making and practice performance without having the clinician work too hard to uncover those insights. Making sense of these data sets are little victories that, when strung together and integrated into the workflow, can create a fabric of support around an ambulatory care practice. We see this as an opportunity to help clients on their journey to establish a digital infrastructure that ensures physicians have the right information and not just a lot of information.

Number 2

Interoperability continues to play an important role in large and small healthcare systems.

The industry has made great strides over the years to make it possible for systems and platforms to share information in the name of delivering optimal patient care. While we believe more can be done in this area, we continue to see interoperability validated in clinical practice as physicians diagnose conditions with greater certainty, start a treatment path quicker, and more easily identify at-risk populations.

Number 3

Population health management is at the center of value-based care.

There is increasing consensus that managing a population's health is key to defining and targeting clinical care, while also effectively managing the financial outcomes of the practice. Of course, social determinants like the conditions in which people are born, their education, their access to healthcare, etc. can play a part in population health management. That said, we firmly believe that driving for better clinical outcomes in the transition to value-based care is a journey. On this journey we continue to see the inspiring intersections of achieving integration of clinical and financial data, with optimizing clinical workflows and effectively engaging patients.

HIMSS18 was an exciting opportunity to meet with healthcare information technology leaders and find ways to further collaborate and support the transformation to value-based care. NextGen Healthcare continues to do its part through meeting the needs of ambulatory practices and looking for ways to make our clients' better at what they do best - the practice of medicine.

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