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Identity management: What is it? Why act now?

By David Slazyk

Blog    Identity management: What is it? Why act now?

What is identity management?

For corporate entities, identity management is a method to control user access to critical information. Identity management systems provide tools and technologies to do this efficiently. The core objective of an identity management system (in a corporate setting) is to maintain, modify, and monitor one identity per individual across an entire enterprise – and to ensure compliance with corporate policies and government regulations.

Why should you care about identity management?

Your organization must leverage identity management methods to:

  1. Protect your digital assets and gain control of endpoints (like laptops or cell phones)
  2. Enhance business productivity and reduce the complexity and cost of this essential process
  3. Support consistent security policy enforcement (lawmakers have made enterprises directly responsible to safeguard customers with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA)

To succeed with identity management, organizations must:

  • Change a user's role
  • Track user activities
  • Enforce policies on an ongoing basis
  • Make logins more secure

"Single sign on" can be integrated with an Identity management solution to simplify user access to critical applications. In addition, the use of two-factor authentication/multi-factor authentication is also something that can be added to an identity management solution. This increases the security of logins by requiring a second item to gain access to an application or service.

Increase your security posture over the long term

NextGen Healthcare is committed to identity management. We encourage other organizations to look at this technology to help increase their security posture. Read more about identity management now. If you have questions or want more information about the role of identity management in your business, reach out to us.

Source: www.csoonline.com

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Senior Vice President, IS & Data Privacy Risk Officer

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