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Volume to Value: The Road to Payment Reform {Episode 1}

06/02/16 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET

We all know the healthcare industry is shifting from fee-for-service (FFS) to fee-for-value (FFV), but what exactly does that mean? Join our Webinar Series that will dive into the change and how it affects your organization.

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Less Clicks - Better Workflow - Connected Care. Better Financial and Clinical Results with NextGen (with live demo)

06/28/16 | 2:30 - 3:15 PM ET

Demonstration of the NextGen® ambulatory EHR and how you can tap into our integrated Practice Management software and Revenue Cycle Management Services to increase efficiency, improve workflow, and cash flow.

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Interoperability, Mirth Connect, & the Language of Healthcare

06/28/16 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Interoperability is crucial in today’s healthcare landscape. See how Mirth Connect translates data and gives you peace of mind.

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Volume to Value: The Payment Models are Changing – Prepare now! {Episode II}

07/14/16 | 2:30 - 3:30 PM ET

The move to Volume to Value is affecting every aspect of how you practice medicine – from reporting needs to how you’re getting paid. Sign up to learn how the payment models will change and the steps you need to take to prepare.

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Archived Webinars

Watch a complimentary recorded online webinar right from your office.

A Pediatric Must-See: Live Demo of NextGen Healthcare's Pediatric EHR

See our Pediatric-Specific Content in action and learn how our EHR solution can help your Pediatric Practice.

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Behavioral Health: The Crucial Importance of Connected Care

You do your work to help your clients lead the happiest and healthiest life that they can. And as you have always known, physical ailments can greatly contribute to behavioral issues, and vice versa. This session will explore the increasing pressure for care coordination and interoperability to create a single, integrated record of care for the BH client. Health care is moving in this direction, and the move toward industry-wide connected care is being innovated through progressive Health IT solutions. Joining us for this session will be Dr. Robert White from Sunrise Detox in NJ to discuss how he has used Health IT to provide the highest levels of connected care for his clients.

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Behind the Billing Office Door: RCM Survey Results and Opportunities

Learn the results of a recent healthcare industry survey that gets to the heart of financial and operational performance questions. Watch the presentation for a peek directly into the billing offices of your peers. Our experts reveal the RCM survey results and discuss operational efficiencies and revenue-driving opportunities many practices are missing.

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Better FQHC Billing, Documentation, & Compliance

Our experts break down the key changes in health center responsibilities and the top areas to focus on for proper claims submission; starting with PPS implementation. On October 1, 2014, FQHCs began transitioning to a prospective payment system (PPS), changing the way they calculate payment for an FQHC Medicare Part A qualifying visit. Watch the presentation today to gain valuable insight into the billing methodology regarding PPS & the specific payment codes and supporting documentation required to ensure payment and protect against an audit.

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CHCs - Is Your Health IT Solution Measuring Up?

Is your Community Health Center able to provide the best care possible? Or is your Health IT solution getting in the way? Do you have support issues? Do you have functionality problems? Is your system integrated? Interoperable? These are all questions that we will guide you through in this hour-long session. The session will be moderated by Tom Farmer, Specialty Director for Community Health at NextGen Healthcare. We will be joined by Bryan Brady and Rhiannon Maier of First Care Clinic in Kansas. They recently made the switch and have amazing insights on renewed productivity and patient care as a result of their switch.

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Dangerous Trends in Healthcare and How to Prosper

Hear valuable updates on the healthcare reform landscape. Learn about the top dangerous trends everyone should be aware of and key action strategies you can deploy to combat them.

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EHR Replacement: Do It Right!

Join Dr. Gary Wietecha to learn how replacing your EHR can really brighten your future once you’ve got the right tools, technology, attitude, support, and teamwork.

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EHR: Demand Results!

With healthcare changing at light speed, the most important thing for your practice is finding an EHR partner who stays ahead of the curve so you can spend your time caring for your patients.

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Eight Strategies to Get Paid Every Dollar You Deserve

Ensure the successful outcome of your revenue cycle – get paid every dollar you deserve! View a presentation by revenue cycle management expert Elizabeth Woodcock and learn the eight strategies for surviving and thriving in today’s turbulent reimbursement environment. This Webinar will empower you with solutions to make your practice a top performer.

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Experience InSight Reporting- Identify your revenue cycle issues now!

Watch a live demonstration on how you can immediately identify any of your practice’s revenue cycle issues in real time. InSight Reporting is a powerful tool that allows you to set practice benchmarks, monitor progress, and access insightful comparative analytics on peers. Join us to learn how this revolutionary product can help manage your revenue cycle.

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Get on track for ICD-10: ICD-10 Delayed! What changes? What doesn’t?

The Sustainable Growth Rate (“SGR” or “Doc Fix”) patch has passed and ICD-10 is delayed for another year to October 2015. What does this mean for you and your practice? Join us as we discuss the implications this delay will have on our industry and, more importantly, on your practice.

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Get on track for ICD-10: Test, Test 1,2,3… The “Why” and “How” of ICD-10 transition testing

How much testing is enough? What should you test? Join us to learn these answers and more!

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Harnessing Business Intelligence and Analytics to Propel Practice Efficiency and Population Health

With NextGen Healthcare’s newest release of NextGen Dashboard 3.1, you’ll discern real-time analytics in a rich graphical display that enables multiple departmental roles within your practice to grasp the true meaning behind the data.

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Interoperability Update: Direct Messaging, HISPs DirectTrust and more!

Join us for an update on the latest and greatest news on these hot interoperability topics. You may have heard of the Direct Project – but how does it affect staff and providers throughout a practice today? What are HISPs and what role do they play in transitions of care? What does accreditation from DirectTrust mean? Join us for an informative webinar with our Interoperability Product Manager, Muhammad Chebli.

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Live Demo: #1 Ophthalmic EHR - Work Simpler, Smarter, Faster

The key to a thriving practice is making sure that your EHR and Practice Management systems are designed to optimize your workflow, revenue and level of care.

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Live Demo: #1 Ophthalmic EHR and Practice Management

The key to a thriving practice is making sure that your EHR and Practice Management systems are designed to optimize your workflow, revenue and level of care. Join NextGen Healthcare for a product demo and see why we have been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by Black Book Rankings for the past three years. As the most used ophthalmic EHR on the market, we think you'll like what you see.

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Live Demo: An EHR made for Women's Health

You put Women's Health first. Work with an EHR vendor that does, too. Join us for this live demo and see our Women's Health content in action!

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Live Demo: Dermatology EHR & Practice Management - Elevate Your EHR

The NextGen® Ambulatory EHR is built to adapt to your unique work style for dermatology, allowing you to work simpler, smarter, and faster. Elevate your practice.

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Live Demo: EHR & Practice Management - Elevate Your EHR

The NextGen Ambulatory EHR is built to adapt to your unique work style allowing you to work simpler, smarter, and faster.

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Live Demo: EHR & Practice Management for Behavioral Health

Behavioral Healthcare is in flux. With new reform regulations, behavioral health (BH) providers are under immense pressure. Our simple, smart, scalable, and integrated technology can help ease those pressures as well as day-to-day challenges. Our robust EHR, BH knowledge base, intuitive content, and workflow tools can help streamline data access, ease reporting, and improve care. Join us for a tour of our Health IT solutions for Behavioral Health.

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Meaningful Use Stage 2 – Making sense of it all

Join us for a 45-minute Webinar reviewing MU2 versus MU1 and what you need to be prepared and whether the same EHR you have will be prepared as well.

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Meaningful Use: The Key to Care Coordination or a Distraction?

In this 45-minute Webinar, we’ll discuss exactly what collaborative care is and the options you have as a practice to move beyond Meaningful Use to a collaborative care environment.

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NextGen Share: Simplifying Data Exchange

Learn how NextGen Share addresses the most pressing and difficult challenges that providers typically have with interoperability.

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NextGen® ViaTrack Clearinghouse See the new system in action!

As the calendar changes so have our clearinghouse services. Join us for a preview of NextGen ViaTrack Clearinghouse version 8.0.

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NextPen for Ophthalmology - Live Demo

Ophthalmologists across the country LOVE NextPen. Join Roy Feague, VP of Development, for a live demo and you'll see why!

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Now or Never: Tips & Tools To Help You on the Path to MU & Beyond!

Now is the time to take on MU and during this webinar, you’ll get an overview of things you should be doing to prepare your practice now and in the future.

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One-click collaborative care... simple, effective and on target

Imagine navigating care management from a single home screen with clinical decision action options at your fingertips. See how to effectively deliver collaborative care targeting patients by chronic condition and preventative care protocols with just a click or two. Laura Anderson, NextGen VP Product Management, will provide a glimpse into a new all-in-one collaborative care solution for the entire care team to access a shared, modifiable care plan for each patient.

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Practice Management: Evaluating Payer Reimbursement

Join practice management expert Dottie Pinnick for this educational session that will help you easily pull the reports and perform the data analysis you need to proactively uncover payer reimbursement pitfalls you might not know exist.

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Practice Management: Top Ten Reports to Run

Knowing which reports to run in practice management can make a difference between surviving and thriving. Watch the recorded Webinar and learn from practice management expert Dottie Pinnick which reports are the most effective.

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previously Recorded: “Disparate” systems can lead to “Desperate” providers— Getting into the interoperability groove

Today, collaborative care is defining how providers practice medicine. New healthcare models such as ACOs require providers to share accurate, patient-specific data, so they can reap the benefits of better care, decreased costs, and reduced errors. Register for this webinar and learn how you can “say goodbye” to siloed, unconnected data.

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Previously recorded: Driving success across your practice with the six essentials of Population Health

Running a practice today has become a bigger, more intricate endeavor, dramatically consuming your time, and clinical and financial resources across the organization. Dr. Amanda Heidemann, NextGen Physician Consultant,will discuss function and benefits of the six essentials of population health: Analytics, Risk stratification, Patient engagement, Care management, Data sharing, and Referral management.

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Previously recorded: Make results-driven population health your new S.O.P... Inspiring provider innovation

Population Health. It’s one of the hottest topics in healthcare today. Many practices are grappling with where to begin and how to get their clinicians on board. Attend this webinar and hear how you can make managing your patient population an integral part of your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). NextGen Healthcare client, Ryan Geiler, Assistant Manager and Clinical Analyst of Family Medicine of Community Medical Center, Falls City, Nebraska, will share how staff physicians are embracing population health.

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Previously recorded: Pioneering the value-based frontier-where few docs have gone before

Confused about risk sharing arrangements, P4P programs and other payer incentive models? NextGen’s payer and government relations leaders, Cherie Holmes-henry and Chris Emper will help you muddle through the ambiguity, common payment models and variations. Attend this webinar to learn how your clinical outcomes impact your financial outcomes when it comes to leveraging payer relationships.

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Rapid Revenue Cycle Rescue: Resolving Denials Post ICD-10

We are over the implementation hump. It doesn't end there - practices still have work to do to ensure they get paid. As denials spike, stay ahead of the curve! Join industry expert Elizabeth Woodcock to learn strategies to resolve challenges emanating from ICD-10 related denials.

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Recorded Demo: NextGen Revenue Cycle Management Services

Learn how our NextGen Healthcare RCM experts are optimizing technology and revenue, while streamlining processes, and ensuring practices are getting every dollar due.

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Recorded Demo: NextGen Revenue Cycle Management Services

Learn how our NextGen Healthcare RCM experts are optimizing technology and revenue, while streamlining processes, and ensuring practices are getting every dollar due.

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Recorded Webinar: Practice Management -- Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Practice

Learn how to look under the hood and give your PM system a check-up. Get tips from our practice management expert, Dottie Pinnick, that will help you determine how your practice is performing.

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Recorded Webinar: Stop the “Leaks” — Steps to Prevent Credentialing Denials from Washing Practice Revenue Down the Drain

Learn the key steps to evaluating your credentialing approach that could mean more money in your practice. Our credentialing specialist will share best practices for creating and implementing effective credentialing processes that capture every dollar due in a timely manner and improve workforce efficiency.

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Security Risk Analysis for MU and HIPAA

In this Webinar, we’ll review this important MU core measure to protect electronic health information as well as the HIPAA security rule. Not conducting a proper risk analysis could mean fines, lawsuits, and loss of incentive dollars!

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The Key Pillars of becoming Accountable Care Capable

Learn the fundamental changes required in clinical culture, systems and processes necessary for successfully becoming accountable care capable.

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Three Critical Success Factors in Practice Management

Join our practice management expert, Dottie Pinnick, to hear how you can improve practice management and boost productivity in your practice. Watch the presentation today for tips & tricks for getting the most out of your Practice Management Software.

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Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Ophthalmology Practice Revenue

Join NextGen Healthcare and Aviacode as we present tips & best practices for optimizing revenue in your opthalmic practice.

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Tribal Health: Is Your IT Solution Serving You The Best It Can?

In your Tribal Health Center, you have very specific needs - many of which are not met with the current open source solution available. Join us for this deep dive into the specific IT needs of Tribal Health centers and help get your questions answered.

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Two Part Series: The Patient-Centered Payoff – Meeting the Expectations of Healthcare Reform [PART 1]

Join part 1 of our June live Webinar series focused on the Patient-Centered Payoff. In this two part educational Webinar series industry experts will share key steps you can take to meet the expectations of healthcare reform and reap the rewards.

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Two Part Series: The Patient-Centered Payoff – Meeting the Expectations of Healthcare Reform [PART 2]

Join part 2 of our June live Webinar series focused on the Patient-Centered Payoff. In this two part educational Webinar series industry experts will share key steps you can take to meet the expectations of healthcare reform and reap the rewards.

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Watch a free webinar/demo of QSIDental Web®: “What can cloud computing do for my dental practice?”

You will see how an intuitively designed web solution makes daily processes easier.

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Watch a free webinar: “Smart steps for growing dental practices”

Learn what it takes to build a growing group practice.

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